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Studio Riviera Special Tile`s - on request only

Studio Riviera Special Tile`s - on request only

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We are looking forward to your personal request by Email: info@studioriviera.de


Why we love it. 

Handmade and hand painted  tiles. Made in a charming ceramic atelier in Puglia with heart and tradition. All products of Studio Riviera are created by hand with techniques passed down through generations of ceramists. 

Product Details: RivierasTiles  different Designs 15cm x 15cm

Also very beautiful as wall decoration in kitchen and bathroom.


Important to know. 

Same. Same. But different. Each ceramic - Piece is handmade and hand-painted and therefore not always exactly identical to the depicted motif. Slight variations in color and artwork are the special and a quality feature of our collection.

Handmade in a studio in southern Italy.