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Article: Artful mix & match: unique table creations from Studio Riviera

Artful mix & match: unique table creations from Studio Riviera

Artful mix & match: unique table creations from Studio Riviera

Today we would like to give you an insight into the fascinating world of combining different patterns and artworks at Studio Riviera. The core idea of our concept is to merge different patterns together in a creative way. The colorful patterns, cheerful artworks and traditionally inspired designs can be combined to create a lively table setting - always with a little wink.

Viso Kollektion Keramik Teller mit Gesichtern
Tradition meets modernity: the inspiration behind our patterns

The consistent shapes of plates, bowls, mugs and jugs make it possible to add to the ceramic tableware again and again. Shapes and colors remain constant, only the patterns vary and are created by talented ceramic artists in southern Italy.

Our highlight: the Picasso-inspired Viso plates

In the picture, for example, you can see a successful combination of handmade psychedelic patterns and the Picasso-inspired Viso plates:



Ceramic plate design: between work of art and everyday object

How design influences dining culture
A section that explores how carefully chosen ceramic designs can not only enhance the aesthetics of the table, but also change the way we experience food and gatherings.

The importance of handwork in ceramics
An in-depth look at the importance of handwork and how it gives each plate a life of its own. The uniqueness of each piece reflects the time, care and talent that has gone into its creation.

Tips for creating your perfect table setting
Mix & match: a guide
The principle of mix & match offers an infinite variety of ways to personalize and creatively design your dining table. It's all about combining different ceramic plate patterns and designs to create a visually appealing and unique table setting. There are no limits to your imagination. In this guide, we'll give you specific suggestions and ideas on how to experiment with different ceramic dinnerware patterns and designs to impress your guests and make any occasion special.

The basics of mix & match
Mix & match is not just about randomly putting different pieces together. It's an art form that requires a good eye for color, texture and pattern. Start with a color palette or theme that serves as your base. This could be a specific color that runs through your dinnerware, or a thematic element, such as nature or a season, that inspires your selection.


Harmonize colors and patterns
Choose one main color and complement it with dinnerware in similar hues or contrasting colors to create depth and interest. For patterns, you can either choose subtle variations of the same pattern or be bold and combine starkly different designs. The important thing is that there is an element of coherence somewhere - be it the color, the material or a recurring motif.


Playing with textures
Textures can play just as important a role as colors and patterns. The interplay of smooth and rough surfaces, of glossy and matt finishes, can bring an extra dimension to your table setting. A handmade ceramic plate with a rough, uneven surface next to a smooth, shiny plate can create an interesting contrast.


Telling stories with your tableware
Every piece of ceramic tableware carries a story - be it through its design, the technique used to make it or the inspiration behind the pattern. By combining different pieces on your table, you can tell your own story. Perhaps combine tableware you've collected while traveling with pieces you've purchased from a local artist to weave a story of global connection and local craftsmanship.


Balance between uniformity and diversity

The secret to a successful mix & match is balance. Too much uniformity can look boring, while too much disorder can appear chaotic. Find the right balance between repetition and variation. A consistent element, such as a recurring pattern or color that appears in all pieces, can help keep the overall look together.

Experiment with arrangements
The way you arrange your tableware can also make a big difference. Play around with different arrangements to see what works best. You may discover that an asymmetrical arrangement of your plates and bowls adds a dynamic touch to your table, or that stacking dishes in different sizes and patterns creates a visually appealing structure.

Practical tips for getting started
Start small: If you are new to mix & match, start with a small group of tableware pieces and gradually expand.
Set accents: Individual eye-catching pieces can serve as eye-catchers and you can arrange a harmonious group of tableware around them.
Consider the occasion: Match your table setting to the occasion. For formal occasions, more subtle combinations may be appropriate, while for casual occasions you may want to use


    Care and maintenance of your ceramics
    Advice on how to care for your ceramics so that they last as long as possible. Some simple cleaning and storage steps to ensure your plates always look like new. 


    Conclusion: Why ceramic plates from Studio Riviera are an asset to any table
    A final overview of how Studio Riviera's ceramic dinnerware, with its unique patterns and designs, not only adds a visual highlight, but also tells a story and fosters a deeper connection to food and community.

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