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Studio Riviera

STUDiO RiViERA tableware is handmade with love, heart and tradition by skilled artisans in Bella Italia.
Each piece is one-of-a-kind and unique.
The guiding idea is to combine all different and artful patterns to a very individual setting.
It´s a poetry of MiX & MaTch.




Who we are: 

By chance we visited a ceramic atelier in Puglia during our holidays in 2017. This atelier inspired us so much with this kind of craftmanswork. All handmade. All hand-painted. And that’s when the idea came to us.

We were/still are  so fascinated from Puglia with its special colors, traditional patterns and authentic lifestyle.  This inspired us to start with Studio Riviera in 2021.

Our idea was to combine tableware unconventional. Cheerful patterns with joyful artworks and traditions Italian Designs. It`s  always a poetry of mix and match with a twinkle in the eye. 

We started with a small selection of tableware. Plates and bowls… We were overwhelmed by the demand and interest from day one. Each piece is really unique  - No two are alike. True and arty collectors items. And  that’s the secret of Studio Riviera. The uniqueness. 

Studio Riviera is Mrs.Riviera (Melanie) and Mr.Riviera (Alex)  and our three children. It’s a family business… our passion is for sure surrounding us with beautiful and timeless pieces.

Studio Riviera tableware is very premium and despite of the powerful patterns timeless. It’s an attitude. 

Studio Riviera is for 100% Italian-made, hand-pottered and hand-painted with love, heart and tradition in Puglia by skilled ceramic artisans. Each piece is unique and characterised by its perfectly imperfect combination of patterns, shapes and colors. 

The handmade tableware of Studio Riviera combine the feeling of the Seventies with Italien flair - and bring the mediterranean feeling to the  home of our costumers. 

We are based in the south of germany, between munich and salzburg and  commute constantly ( every month ) between Puglia and Germany. Puglia is our second home. And one time we will just stay. 

The ceramic Studio is in Puglia. Its a very skilled, traditional and passionate atelier. 

The inspiration for the collection is  the vintage mediterranean feeling of Italy in the seventies. Our inspirations come from traveling around Italy all the time, where we find always very authentic and inspiring places. We want to transmit this kind of casual Italian lifestyle to our costumers. 

We work with just one ceramic atelier  and one studio for glassware in Puglia. This atelier is very skilled and very traditional. They created  each piece by hand with techniques passed down through generations and across families of potters.We develop with this atelier the shapes, colors and patterns. 

In springsummer 2023 we will also start with a small collection of handmade dresses from the ukraine with silk embroideries and 100% Linen. Very special and luxury pieces - only to find at Studio Riviera.