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Bicchiere "Vino bianco please!"Bicchiere "Vino bianco please!"
Bicchiere "Sto per crollare"
Bicchiere "Sto per crollare" Sale price€36 EUR
Sold outBicchiere "più vino per favore "Bicchiere "più vino per favore "
Bicchiere "Pesce pink - Alga blu"
Bicchiere "Pesce blu  - Alga Ambra"
Bicchiere "Pesce bianco - Alga verde"
Bicchiere "Pesce giallo- Alga verde“
Save €12 EURBicchiere "Champagne Cactus Amber"
Bicchiere "Champagne Cactus Amber" Sale price€26 EUR Regular price€38 EUR
Save €12 EURBicchiere "Champagne Cactus Pink"
Bicchiere "Champagne Cactus Pink" Sale price€26 EUR Regular price€38 EUR
Save €12 EURBicchiere "Champagne Cactus Verde"
Bicchiere "Champagne Cactus Verde" Sale price€26 EUR Regular price€38 EUR
Bicchiere da Aperitivo "Madame Deneuve "Bicchiere da Aperitivo "Madame Deneuve "
Bicchiere da Aperitivo "Madame Seydoux Dedicated Pink"Bicchiere da Aperitivo "Madame Seydoux Dedicated Pink"
Bicchiere da Aperitivo "Madame Tautou Dedicated Pink"Bicchiere da Aperitivo "Madame Tautou Dedicated Pink"

🇮🇹 Made in Italy

Dive into the heart of Italian tradition with each piece of our ceramic collection. Made in Italy, where artistry and craftsmanship have been passed down through generations, our tableware brings the soul of Italian kitchens to yours.

🇩🇪 Shipping from Germany

Our Italian ceramics make their way to you with all the efficiency and reliability Germany is known for. Based in Germany, we ensure that your new tableware arrives quickly, securely, and ready to transform your dining experience.

🍽️ Dishwasher Safe

Our ceramic tableware isn't just a feast for the eyes—it's designed for your real life. Dishwasher safe, each piece promises to keep its charm without the hassle of intricate care.

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