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Set of 5 "Mare Nero"

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Exclusive and one-of-a-kind, the "Mare Nero" set is fashioned with care and tradition in Puglia. At Studio Riviera, these products are crafted with skill, hewn from methods that have been handed down through the centuries, giving each piece a timeless aura of quality and finesse.

Each piece is handmade and goes through 8 stages until it is finished. it is hardened in the oven at over 1000 degrees for at least 36 hours. the raw material, the clay, comes from Tuscany. 

You can pair each piece of our collection and create your personal Studio Riviera signature mix and match look. There is no wrong way to do it. .

The products are very robust and also suitable for the dishwasher

1 x Antipasti Plate Pesce 20cm

2 x Olive Bowl Schizzato Bianco Nero 6cm

2 x Schizzato Bowl  20cm


The Atelier

Our unique ceramic tableware is created in a small, charming studio in the south of Italy. With great dedication and passion, each piece of our collection is handmade here according to traditional pottery art. In this traditional family business, the pottery craft has been passed down from generation to generation.


With the deep passion for pottery, we imbue each piece of our collection with meticulous attention to detail and skillful craftsmanship. We uses only the finest clay materials and employs traditional techniques to create authentic
and high-quality ceramics.


This is Nicola Fasano within his charming atelier in Bella Italia hand-painting one of our plates. All the unique patterns and joyful artworks of our pieces are exclusively created for STUDiO RiViERA.

love & passion

The atmosphere in the atelier where our ceramics are created is an incredibly inspiring place for us. The tranquillity and passion that permeate the space are contagious.