Psychodelic Frisbee Plate "Noci 8"


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This Special Plate is to be seen as a presentation plate / serving plate. Of course, also as a pasta, salad or cereal bowl.

But also very effective as a solitaire and for storing jewelry or small treasures. An absolute highlight in our portfolio.

The turned edge shape of the Plates reminds us of the impression of a frisbee.

The Psychodelic design is drawn by hand onto the bowl in a small atelier in Puglia and then hardened in the oven for 36hours until it gets the colorfulness. Super suitable for breakfast or to dress antipasti.

Dimensions: 25cm x 4cm


Same. Same. But different. Each ceramic - Piece is handmade and hand-painted and therefore not always exactly identical to the depicted motif. Slight variations in color and artwork are special and a quality feature of our collection.

The fine stripes in the pattern are not flaws, but features that arise from the technique with which the pattern is applied.

Handmade in a studio in southern Italy.

Very durable and dishwasher safe.