Bicchiere da Aperitivo "Madame Coutillard Dedicated Pink"


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The mediterranean psychedelic look of Studio Riviera glasses are inspired by the Southern French tradition of opulent and traditional glassware.

They are handmade and mouth-blown in Puglia. The raw material comes from Germany. Our glasses are very light, but still robust and insensitive.

Wonderful to combine the glasses with our ceramic creations from the series Psychodelic, Schizzato and / or the Uni tableware.

Perfect for a summer cocktail or aperitif by the pool with friends or family. of course, also perfect for champagne or wine.

The upper part of the glass is in soft pink and the stem is in light orange. The fill quantity is ...... 



Diameter: 13,5cm x 7cm



Same. Same. But different.

Each piece has small features that make up the look and are not flawed. These features are created when the piece is handmade.

Handmade in an atelier in southern Italy.


20 pieces in stock


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