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Big Psychodelic Dinner Plate "Teo's Classic Blu"


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Our Big Psychodelic Dinner Plate  is ready to dine out in style and substance. This big, bold plate is heavier and sturdier than our other Dinner Plates, and its edge-less design makes it a versatile option for any kind of meal!

At the perfect dinner with friends, the matching ceramic plate can not be missing. With our unique Mediterranean ceramic tableware you can set your table individually. It can be combined in many ways. Depending on your mood and taste.

With its modern psychodelic aesthetic, it's the perfect plate for a unique dinner experience!

This universal plate can be used in many ways. Ideal for serving delicious, summer dishes. While summer comes and goes, this plate will leave you with the vibrant feeling of hot summer days. 

 Each piece of our collection is a unique masterpiece. Handmade according to traditional pottery craftsmanship, each piece is created with love, passion and creativity in a charming Italian ceramic studio in the south of Italy.

The diverse patterns can be perfectly combined to create an individual STUDiO RiViERA Signature Set. A new collection awaits you every month to keep adding to your set. The shapes and colors remain constant, only the patterns vary.

STUDiO RiViERA ceramics stand for timelessness and durability, as we demand the highest quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques. Our clay, which comes from a small village in Tuscany, is considered to be of particularly high quality. Each piece is shaped by hand on the wheel according to traditional craftsmanship and then dried for several days under the Italian sun.

After first being kissed by the Italian sun, the product undergoes an initial firing process of 36 hours at over 1000°C. Then the base glaze is applied by hand and the product is fired again for 36 hours at 1000°C. Finally, each piece is hand painted by our artist and undergoes a third firing process. These elaborate firing processes give STUDiO RiViERA Tableware its robustness and durability and distinguish it from ordinary ceramics.

Dishwasher safe:

Our ceramic likes dishwashers. It is dishwasher safe because it has been fired at high temperatures, resulting in a dense and hard surface. You don't have to worry about the color intensity. Everything stays like new even if you use it every day and put it in the dishwashers. This is important for us to offer you a contemporary product with high quality.
Besides, it is resistant to wear and scratches, which means it can withstand the stresses of everyday life and last for a long time.

Dimensions: 25cm x 3



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Big Psychodelic Dinner Plate "Teo's Classic Blu"

Big Psychodelic Dinner Plate "Teo's Classic Blu"


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Big Psychodelic Dinner Plate "Teo's Classic Blu"
Big Psychodelic Dinner Plate "Teo's Classic Blu" Angebot$62.00


Das Atelier

Unser einzigartiges Keramikgeschirr wird in einem kleinen, charmanten Studio im Süden Italiens hergestellt. Mit viel Hingabe und Leidenschaft wird hier jedes Stück unserer Kollektion nach traditioneller Töpferkunst handgefertigt. In diesem traditionellen Familienbetrieb wird das Töpferhandwerk von Generation zu Generation weitergegeben.


Mit der tiefen Leidenschaft für Töpferei verleihen wir jedem Stück unserer Kollektion viel Liebe zum Detail und handwerkliches Geschick. Wir verwenden nur die besten Tonmaterialien und wenden traditionelle Techniken an, um Authentizität zu schaffen
und hochwertige Keramik.


Dies ist Nicola Fasano in seinem charmanten Atelier in Bella Italia, der einen unserer Teller von Hand bemalt. Alle einzigartigen Muster und fröhlichen Kunstwerke unserer Stücke werden exklusiv für STUDiO RiViERA erstellt.

Liebe und Leidenschaft

Die Atmosphäre im Atelier, in dem unsere Keramik entsteht, ist für uns ein unglaublich inspirierender Ort. Die Ruhe und Leidenschaft, die den Raum durchdringen, sind ansteckend.