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Psychodelic Bowl "Teo's Classics - Cappello di Prete XVIII"

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New ceramic design from Italy. This universal deep clay plate / bowl  is a new favorite with our customers. Ideal for pasta dishes, soups or salads.

The diverse patterns can be perfectly combined to create an individual STUDiO RiViERA Signature Set. A new collection awaits you every month to keep adding to your set. The shapes and colors remain constant, only the patterns vary.

STUDiO RiViERA ceramics stand for timelessness and durability, as we demand the highest quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques. Our clay, which comes from a small village in Tuscany, is considered to be of particularly high quality. Each piece is shaped by hand on the wheel according to traditional craftsmanship and then dried for several days under the Italian sun.

After first being kissed by the Italian sun, the product undergoes an initial firing process of 36 hours at over 1000°C. Then the base glaze is applied by hand and the product is fired again for 36 hours at 1000°C. Finally, each piece is hand painted by our artist and undergoes a third firing process. These elaborate firing processes give STUDiO RiViERA Tableware its robustness and durability and distinguish it from ordinary ceramics.

Dishwasher safe:

Our ceramic likes dishwashers. It is dishwasher safe because it has been fired at high temperatures, resulting in a dense and hard surface. You don't have to worry about the color intensity. Everything stays like new even if you use it every day and put it in the dishwashers. This is important for us to offer you a contemporary product with high quality.
Besides, it is resistant to wear and scratches, which means it can withstand the stresses of everyday life and last for a long time.


25 cm outside / 14 cm inside / 6 cm Rim

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Psychodelic Bowl  "Teo's Classics - Cappello di Prete XVIII"

Psychodelic Bowl "Teo's Classics - Cappello di Prete XVIII"


Pickup currently unavailable

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83083 Riedering



The Atelier

Our unique ceramic tableware is created in a small, charming studio in the south of Italy. With great dedication and passion, each piece of our collection is handmade here according to traditional pottery art. In this traditional family business, the pottery craft has been passed down from generation to generation.


With the deep passion for pottery, we imbue each piece of our collection with meticulous attention to detail and skillful craftsmanship. We uses only the finest clay materials and employs traditional techniques to create authentic
and high-quality ceramics.


This is Nicola Fasano within his charming atelier in Bella Italia hand-painting one of our plates. All the unique patterns and joyful artworks of our pieces are exclusively created for STUDiO RiViERA.

love & passion

The atmosphere in the atelier where our ceramics are created is an incredibly inspiring place for us. The tranquillity and passion that permeate the space are contagious.